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6 Tips to Keep Your Family Active

Get the Whole Family Moving With These Tips


The best way to teach children the joys of being active is to get moving together. Use these tips to plan movement-filled family events and activities promoting healthy habits from a young age. As an added bonus for busy parents, you can even use these tips to combine family time with exercise time.


1. Plan a family picnic

Combining food and physical activity is a surefire way to get everyone excited about moving around. Packing a picnic is an easy way to bring the family together, and you don’t have to overcomplicate the menu to have a memorable time.


Just read this quick guide to planning the perfect picnic, gather your supplies, and head outside. Aim to keep the fare light so there’s plenty of energy left after eating for a game of catch, tag, soccer, or whatever activities your family enjoys.


2. Schedule a family camping trip

Sometimes, getting away from the house and into nature is the best way to get the family moving. There are so many places to camp in Western Colorado and beyond — many of them are ideal for families.


If you’ve never planned a camping adventure with kids, never fear, simply  pack the essentials and be prepared to unplug.


3. Take a hike together

There are many fantastic hiking trails throughout the Western Slope and you’ll have no trouble finding a route that kids and adults alike enjoy.


AllTrails is a good resource to use when you aren’t sure where to go, and the Colorado Living section of this blog is also full of fun ideas.


4. Make bike rides a regular event

Stay active and possibly start a fun family tradition by hopping on your bikes. Bike rides are a great post-dinner activity for busy weeknights, even if you just take a leisurely cruise around the neighborhood.


Don’t forget to follow these bike safety tips while you and the family ride.


5. Get family input

If your family isn’t into any of the activities we’ve shared so far, there’s a simple solution to finding something they will love… just ask. Is there a sport anyone wants to try or a class the kids want to take?


Spend time together brainstorming or have everyone write ideas down on a piece of paper, put them all in a jar, and let a family member pick a new one each week.


6. Turn fitness into a game

If your family has a competitive streak, take advantage of it by “game-ifying” fitness. Here are some ideas you can try:

  • Who can spot the most birds on a hike?
  • Who can jump the farthest and/or highest?
  • Who can collect the longest and/or most sticks for a campfire?
  • Who participated in the most family bike rides during the week or month?


Simple games like these are an easy way to keep everyone active. If you need even more tips and ideas for keeping kids active, don’t miss this list.