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Tips For Starting A Home Fitness Routine In Winter (And Beyond)

Home Workouts, Simplified


As temperatures drop, so does our motivation to get outside for a workout. Even if you typically love working out outdoors in the cold, it’s always good to have an at-home workout in your back pocket (or browser bookmarks) for those days you don’t feel like heading outside.


Today we’ll share a few at-home exercise options you can try, plus tips for making sure you fit your fitness in.


How to stay active during winter

First, let’s start with the foundations of an active and healthy lifestyle:

  • Drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet, and get enough sleep. When you don’t take care of your body it’s easier to get sick, and getting sick is a surefire way to derail your fitness goals.
  • Try new things and mix it up to keep your fitness routines interesting and fun.
  • Set realistic and achievable goals to give yourself something to work towards.
  • Get your home gym or workout area set up for success. Purchase the essential home gym equipment you’ll need for your chosen workouts.


Once you have these basics covered it’s time to sweat!


The best home fitness programs

You don’t need a gym to get a killer workout, and choosing a fitness routine to try could be the most difficult part of starting an at-home fitness routine. Here are some basic workouts to try right now:


20-Minute, Full-Body Stability Ball Workout

Beginner Bodyweight Workout to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

The Thirty Minute Workout


If you’d like more structured workouts, fitness DVDs and online videos are the perfect solution.


The best home fitness DVDs and videos

The best fitness routine is the one you love. It could take some trial and error to find workout you look forward to doing. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • WaveShape. This 45-minute workout was designed for professional surfers and paddle boarders. It uses no equipment, and there’s a one-time $97 charge.
  • BeachBody. BeachBody is a well-known name in the fitness video world for good reason. You’re sure to find a program you love among their huge variety of offerings. And they’re suitable for at-home and in-gym use. Browse their website to see what catches your eye.
  • The Ultimate 6 Week Home Workout. This workout program from Muscle & Fitness will help you gain strength and muscle size without leaving your living room.


These suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg. If you want to keep your workout routine going all winter long, there’s a home workout you’re sure to enjoy, and searching for it can be part of the fun.