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Best Ways to Enjoy Winter in the Grand Valley

Things to Do During Winter in the Grand Valley


There are so many ways to enjoy winter when you live in or visit Colorado’s Grand Valley it’s hard to remember all the amazing outdoor opportunities out here.


If you’re stumped about how to spend your next snowy day, these suggestions will ensure you have fun all winter long.


Hop on your bike (even during winter!)

You can bike year-round in the Grand Valley, especially when you have the right type of bike. A fat bike is best for snowy conditions, but many years you can ride your mountain or road bike all year, especially when it’s been awhile since the last snowfall.


Many of the routes listed in this Fall Mountain Biking in the Grand Valley guide can be ridden throughout the year, just be aware of muddy conditions after the snow melts. Riding on mud can erode the trails.


Visit the Colorado National Monument

Visiting the Monument after a fresh snowfall can feel almost surreal. The crisp white snow against the red rocks is a sight you won’t soon forget. You can hike, bike, and soak up the scenery in this special place.


We’ve even created an easy-to-follow guide to enjoying the Monument all winter long, which can be found here.


Strap on your skis, snowshoes, or snowboard

Downhill skiing, snowboarding, backcountry skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing … Coloradans know how to enjoy the snow, and the Grand Valley has plenty of places to explore:


Enjoy the Grand Valley’s finest wines

The Grand Valley Winery Association hosts a number of events throughout the year. Sample the region’s wonderful wines, and learn about the winemaking process.


If you can’t make the events, a visit to the area’s wineries is a lovely way to enjoy a chilly winter day. Seven wineries belong to the Winery Association. Can you visit them all before spring comes?


Enjoy the holiday happenings around Grand Junction

Sometimes you want to get off the trails and into town. Thankfully, there are holiday and seasonally themed events happening in and around Grand Junction during every season, including winter.


To find out what’s going on, have a look at this comprehensive list of Valley-wide happenings. You’ll find events around the holidays, special events at museums, kid-friendly events, and so much more. It’s a great way to get involved with your local community and meet new neighbors, too.