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3 Realistic Nutrition Resolutions For a Healthy New Year

Have a Healthier New Year With These Healthy Eating Goals


Setting New Year’s resolutions is often easier said than done, and healthy eating goals are among some of the hardest to keep, but they don’t have to be!


Try one of the realistic and achievable nutrition-based resolutions to start your New Year off healthy and happy. You’ll be shocked to see how easy it is to stick to some of these goals, too.


First, learn how to set achievable goals

“Resolution” is just a fancy name for goal, so it’s worth spending some time learning how to set realistic goals that you’re more likely to achieve. Before you dive into this list, read all about how to keep your resolutions.


1. Eat more vegetables

Most people could use more veggies in their diet, so set a goal to increase your intake. You could resolve to try “Meatless Monday,” drink a green smoothie 3 times per week, change one snack per day to something vegetable-based, or whatever works for you.


Notice how each of those suggestions is specific and realistic. “Eat more vegetables” is quite general, but adding specifics to the goal makes it more likely you’ll stick with it. For more inspiration have a look at this list of in-season fruits and vegetables, which will help keep your plate colorful all year long.


2. Plan more meals

This is another vague resolution, which is why you’ll add some more details to your version of it. You could:

  • Aim to try one new meal planning app per month until you find your favorite tool.
  • Plan all of your work lunches for the week.
  • Schedule 30 minutes each week to sit down with the family and have every family member choose one dinner meal. Write everyone’s choices down on a whiteboard and keep it on the fridge.


3. Try new healthy recipes

Trying new recipes is a fun way to improve your nutrition. It’s also a very achievable goal:


  • Bookmark a bunch of recipes and resolve to try a new one each week. Our Nutrition section of the blog has tons of tasty and healthy recipes to try.
  • Plan a cooking day with friends once a month. Everyone can bring a new recipe to try and the necessary ingredients, and don’t forget food storage containers so that everyone can take some of each dish home.
  • If you’re short on time, set aside one hour one day per week to try whipping up something new in the kitchen. A Google search for “60 minute recipes” will give you plenty of ideas.
  • Double the recipe, serve half for dinner, and freeze the rest for a night when you’re short on ideas and time.
  • Purchase a subscription to a meal delivery service to have recipes and ingredients sent right to your front door.