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Unique, Active Date Night Ideas

Who says date night needs to involve fancy dinners and movie nights? If you’re looking for ways to combine date night with a solid workout, nutritious food, and other healthy-living staples, this is the list you need. Don’t worry — we’re not going to suggest date night take place at the gym, either!

1. Take dance lessons together

Swing dancing, line dancing, and other types of dance classes care popular options with local dance classes often catering to adult beginners. Even if you have two left feet, this one is bound to turn into a memory you’ll love to recall. 

2. Schedule a romantic SUP date

Stand up paddleboarding is a whole lot easier than swing dancing, making this the perfect active date night idea that doesn’t require tons of skill and finesse. Find a scenic waterway to SUP on and then hit the water at sunset for a truly romantic outing. 

3. Test your teamwork with a two-person kayak

If kayaking sounds more appealing, rent a two-person kayak for a few hours as a great workout. Kayaking is also a wonderful way to practice your communication and teamwork skills. 

4. Pack a healthy, romantic picnic

Western Colorado is full of lovely parks and open spaces, so consider packing a picnic for your next date night. All you need is a big blanket and some healthy snacks, but consider bringing a Frisbee along to add some more activity to your date. 

5. Take a cooking class together

Do a quick Google search to see what types of options you have nearby, and then get ready to learn some new recipes that you can cook together during future date nights. Some culinary skills even have classes on basic kitchen skills or specific types of cuisine. 

6. Try cooking a new recipe together

If a structured cooking class isn’t your idea of a perfect date night, try cooking something up at home. You could pick a dish from a county you’d love to visit together, try to recreate a favorite family recipe, or make something with a unique ingredient you’ve tried before.

7. Be a tourist in your home town

No matter where you live, there’s likely something new to experience. If you’re stumped, try seeing what you can find on a website like Roadtrippers, which often has recommendations for little-known points of interest. 

8. Splurge on a couple’s massage

Being healthy isn’t just about eating well and being active. Taking care of yourself is also an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, and what better way to unwind than with a couple’s massage? If you both need a break from constantly running around, make sure this is your next date night.