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Save Time and Increase Productivity with These Tips

Do you ever run around from task-to-task, trying desperately to accomplish everything on a seemingly never-ending list of to-do’s and responsibilities?

If you can relate, you aren’t alone. But, there is a better way: working smarter, not harder. With these productivity-increasing time management tips, you can streamline your life and make daily tasks more efficient. 

1. Triage your to-dos and goals

You simply can’t do everything at once. In fact, trying to cram too much into a day can make you less productive in the end. Instead, triage your most important tasks and focus on those action items first. One way to use this strategy is to make a simple list of your 2 to 3 biggest priorities for the day. Focus on one thing at a time, as this tactic helps get more accomplished. 

2. Schedule your day

You don’t have to schedule your time minute-by-minute, but having some structure to the day will help you stay on task. Even a loose schedule of when you’ll respond to email, go to the gym, and work on certain projects will help with time management. 

3. Learn how to say no

People who say yes to every social engagement and work project aren’t in control of their own time, and there’s no way to manage something you can’t control. Learning how to be honest about our time constraints isn’t easy, but it is effective. 

4. Turn off phone and email notifications

Every ping for a new message is another distraction, and it takes time to regain focus after checking an email or responding to a text. It may not be realistic for you to hit pause on emails and texts all day long, but are there any other apps and notifications that you can mute?

5. Delegate whenever possible

Whether it’s at work or at home, delegating tasks will clear your plate for the important priorities you’ve already identified. 

If you’re swamped at the office, see if there’s a way to get some assistance. If keeping up with the daily household chores is becoming a burden, consider hiring a weekly or monthly cleaning service if your budget allows, or ask for more help from the family. 

6. Try tracking your time

Do you know how much time you really spend on specific things throughout the day? 

You could use a simple pen and paper, a spreadsheet, a time tracking app, or even a specialized tool like Timeular. This particular tool combines the best of technology and manual ease — it has 8 sides, and whichever side is facing up will be tracked. You can assign different projects, tasks, clients, and more to each side, and the app even integrates with your calendar. 

Tracking your time can be the first step toward better time management, because it allows you to identify and address inefficiencies. Armed with this information, you can make better time management decisions in the future.