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Get Outside and Enjoy Spring in the Grand Junction Area


Ahh, spring. More sunshine and warmer temperatures make this one lovely season, but it can also be a tricky time throughout Colorado… even here in the Grand Valley. But mud, slush, and the occasional spring blizzard won’t stop us from getting outside to play!

You might get a little muddy, and it could be chilly at times, but spring is also the perfect time to get outside in these parts. Temperatures are generally pleasant, the skies are sunny, and there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy. If you’re ready to make the most of a Colorado Grand Valley spring, here are five ways to get outside and enjoy the season. 


1. Soak up the color of the Grand Valley’s spring blooms


With so many orchards in the area, the Grand Valley explodes with color each spring. A great way to welcome spring is to hike the Palisade Rim Trail, which will net you some stunning, sweeping views of the valley in bloom.


2. Spring mountain biking near Grand Junction


Spring just might be the perfect time to go mountain biking (or even fat tire biking) in the Grand Valley area. As this article’s title suggests, these trails are great in the fall, but they’re just as much fun in spring.

An important reminder: Stay off the trails when they’re muddy because riding over these delicate areas can do serious damage. Don’t worry, though, they’ll dry out in no time.


3. Grand Valley Winery Association’s Barrel into Spring


Touring vineyards technically counts as getting outside, right? If you agree, consider making reservations for this fun yearly event that includes “exquisitely prepared gourmet meals, behind the scenes winery and vineyard tours, tasting wines that are not readily available to the general public, and of course barrel tasting.”

This year’s dates are:

  • April 28-29, 2018
  • May 19-20, 2018


4. Tee up at a Grand Junction golf course


Grand Junction has five golf courses, 90 holes, and an incredibly diverse landscape. There’s a reason the city calls golfing in Grand Junction a “whole-in-one experience.” It’s the perfect area to tee up. Golfing is a great way to get outside, either for a quick trip to the driving range or a longer 18-hole outing.


5. Take an adrenaline-fueled jet boat ride


Hiking, mountain biking, wineries – definite not-to-be-missed outdoor activities in the Grand Valley. But if you’re looking for something a bit different, we’ve got the perfect activity: jet boating.

Speed along the Colorado River on one of Jet Boat Colorado’s adventure tours, or opt for a slower, more scenic ride. It’s an unconventional springtime activity and a trip you’ll remember for years to come.