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Get Moving With These Small Daily Habit Changes


Sitting for long periods of time can lead to injury to our heart muscles, and excessive sitting has even been linked to an increased risk of heart failure. Yikes!

Our bodies were made to move, but modern lifestyles make it harder and harder to get enough movement into the day. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost, though. Here are 10 tips you can incorporate into your daily routine. Try one, a few, or all of them, and see how much better you feel.

1. Wear a Fitness Tracker


Technology isn’t always known for helping us move more, but fitness trackers are certainly an exception. Whether you opt for a simple FitBit or a fully loaded Garmin, using a wearable fitness tracker gives you the data you need to walk more.


2. Set alarm reminders for movement


It’s easy to get lost in the task at hand, but setting alarm reminders on your phone or computer just might provide a much-needed push to stand up and take a walk around the office. Set them to go off at least every hour.


3. Remember: something is better than nothing


You don’t have to run a 5k every time your “Get Moving!” alarm goes off. Do some jumping jacks, calf raises, resistance band moves, air squats, stretch in your office, or pace up and down the office hallway a few times.


4. Drink more water


Staying hydrated is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, but there’s another benefit to chugging more H20: You’ll have to get up to use the bathroom more often.


5. Schedule moving meetings


If you can swing it, try holding more “moving meetings” where attendees go for a walk to brainstorm and talk. You can use a voice recorder app on your phone to take notes, and you might be surprised by how much easier it is to think while moving.


6. Use a standing desk


Standing desks are a great way to sit less, but don’t overdo it. Standing all day is hard on your body, too. These sit-stand desk options are the perfect solution.


7. Use phone calls as an opportunity to pace


Many of us prefer to be on the move while talking on the phone. If you’re part of that group, try walking around during work calls, pausing to take notes as needed.


8. Visit colleagues instead of emailing


Before sending another email, ask yourself if the question or comment could be addressed in person with a visit to your coworker’s workspace. Just make sure you aren’t interrupting anything and you don’t overstay your welcome.


9. Try more standing meetings


If there’s a high-top table in your office, it could be the perfect spot for informal meetings. As a bonus, the meeting will be less likely to run over, since no one wants to stand around for hours.


10. Don’t just focus on sitting less


As you revamp your habits to include less sitting, also think about how you can exercise more. If you’re searching for a fun new activity to try this year, one of these five new exercises and fitness activities might be exactly what you need to get inspired.