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Fall Mountain Biking in the Grand Valley

Explore the Mountain Bike Trails of Grand Junction and Fruita

Fruita is well-known as a mountain biker’s paradise and Grand Junction has its own fair share of rideable terrain. Summer can get uncomfortably hot out here, but fall just might be the perfect time to hop on your mountain bike in Colorado’s Grand Valley.


Whether you’re a beginner, an expert, or somewhere in between, you’ll have no trouble finding fun trails to explore throughout autumn. But, just in case you need some inspiration, here’s our quick guide to fall mountain biking in Fruita and Grand Junction.


1.  Rustler’s Loop, Fruita

Rustler’s Loop is a well-loved loop that’s perfect for anyone new to mountain biking. The route is an easy 3.6 miles of packed down singletrack. You’ll even find informational signs designed to help beginners dial in their technique. It’s a great trail and environment for practicing skills like climbing, cornering, and more.


You’ll snag expansive views of the Colorado River while you pedal. This short trail isn’t short on scenery. You can park at the Kokopelli Trailhead and bike to the Rustler’s Trailhead, or drive all the way up to Rustler’s.


2. Mary’s Trail, Fruita

This intermediate trail has more than a few things going for it: It’s a classic ride, the scenery is stunning, and it’s the perfect connector to other trails in Fruita. It intersects with the Horsethief Bench Loop, Mary's Cutoff, and Wranglers Loop, for starters.


You’ll ride along the canyon rim while taking in the Colorado River and surrounding views. The ride goes from doubletrack to singletrack (where things get more technical) and back to doubletrack. All in all, Mary’s Trail is one worth riding when you’re in Fruita.


3. Lunch Loop, Grand Junction

The Lunch Loop Trails (also referred to as the Tabeguache network) are a series of trails, and the network they create offers tons to explore. Pick your adventure on this ride. There’s something for total beginners and experienced bikers alike. Just have a look at the trail map and get going.


Not sure where to start? If your skill is on the upper end of intermediate, try the 12.1 mile Gunny Loop for a nice challenge. On the beginner side, the Twist-N-Shout Loop will help build skills, and it's lots of fun for intermediate riders who are looking to flow.


4. Holy Cross Trail, Grand Junction

Are you ready for a challenge? Holy Cross is well-known as one of the most technical trails in the area. This advanced, seven-mile trail will net you 1,800 feet of elevation gain and 1,700 feet of drop.


You’ll start on some flowy desert singletrack with a few small obstacles to navigate around. From there, it’s rocks, rocks, and more rocks. You’ll be riding over, under, next to, and on them. If you have to walk a few sections, don’t let it bruise your ego — most riders end up walking portions of Holy Cross.