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Burning Calories Outside the Gym

No Gym? No Problem! Get Fit Anywhere, Anytime


You don’t have to hit the gym to burn calories and get fit.


Here are seven fun and easy ways to tweak your routine and integrate a little extra fitness and calorie burning into your everyday life.


1. Play!

All too often, we adults forget about the benefits of play. Channel your inner kid and get outside to run around, jump in mud puddles, climb stuff, bust out your best living room dance moves, and whatever else sounds fun. With a bit of imagination you can turn many daily activities into opportunities for play.


You’ll get your heartbeat racing, but that’s not all — playing is also a great mood booster.


2. Take the stairs

This piece of advice is common, but that’s because it’s a great way to get in some extra movement throughout your day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator from now on. You can up the calorie burn by running or jumping up the stairs or taking them two at a time.


3. Park further away from your destination

Now that you’re taking the stairs, you might as well park further away from your destination. To burn even more calories, become a bike commuter.


4. Use your lunch break to move around

Instead of eating lunch at your desk, make a point to move around and burn calories at lunchtime. Pack portable lunches, like a wrap, and walk around the office building. If you have access to a tall table, eat standing up. It’s an excellent break from sitting at your desk all day.


Lunchtime can also be a great opportunity to fit in a quick, 30 minute calorie-burning workout.


5. Tackle household chores

You can burn extra calories while cleaning around the house. Get yourself pumped up by putting on your favorite music. You could even look at chores as an opportunity for play to increase the calorie burn — dance around, act silly, sing, and have fun.


6. Drink more green tea

Green tea has antioxidants and other good-for-you stuff, and it helps spur your metabolism to burn calories around the clock. At least one study has proven that drinking green tea “slightly lifts the overall 24-hour energy expenditure and increases rates of fat oxidation throughout the body. What this means for you is more efficient fat burning and a higher metabolism for the rest of the day.”


7. Use your brain

It takes a lot of energy to power the human brain. As much as 20 percent of your daily caloric expenditure is consumed by your brain. When you’re thinking really hard, you can even burn an additional 1.5 calories per minute.


Try doing a crossword puzzle, reading a challenging book, doing your taxes. Each activity might not burn many calories individually, but it all adds up.