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5 Comebacks to your Best Workout Excuses desktop

5 Comebacks to Your Best Workout Excuses

Workout Motivation Tips to Beat Your Excuses


Not motivated to work out? Feeling too tired, too busy, or too confused to move your body?


Nice try! We’ve all been there, but if we waited until conditions were perfect, we’d never go for a run or hit the gym. Next time you feel like skipping a workout, try using one of these comebacks on yourself.


1. “I’m too tired to work out.”

If you consistently feel too exhausted to fit more fitness into your life, a lack of quality sleep could be the culprit. Sleep debt is a very real issue for many people.


The next time you use this excuse, take a step back and examine your sleeping habits. Consider going to bed earlier, establish a sleep routine you can stick to seven days a week, and assess the quality of the sleep you’ve been getting.


2. “I don’t have time to work out.”

Feel like you simply don’t have enough time to work out? Your schedule may be packed, but if getting exercise is an important priority, you can make time. And remember, your workout doesn’t have to be long to be beneficial.


Try these workouts that can be done in a time crunch:


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20 Minute Full Body Workout with a Stability Ball


3. “I hate running/the gym/yoga/etc.”

There’s more than one way to work out! If you hate running, don’t run. If you can’t stand the gym, try working out at home. If you don’t like working out inside, take your workouts outdoors.


With so many ways to stay active, there just isn’t a good excuse for not finding something you like. Once you identify your activity, working out will be so much more enjoyable.


4. “I’m not a morning person.”

There are plenty of great reasons to work out in the morning, but there’s no rule that says you can only sweat in the a.m.


Choose the time of day that works best for your schedule and natural energy and motivation levels. There’s no reason you can’t go for a run, hit the gym, or attend that yoga class after work.


5. “I don’t know how to work out.”

If you have no clue how to work out, your comeback to this excuse is simply, “That’s completely okay. Even Olympic athletes were beginners once.”


After you give yourself that pep talk, it’s time to learn how to work out so you become more comfortable with the idea. Read articles and watch videos online, talk to friends who do activities you might enjoy, join a group fitness class. There’s no shortage of learning opportunities if you’re willing to seek them out.