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Your Healthy Grilling Guide

Grill the Healthy Way All Summer Long

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to fire up the grill! Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to cook, especially meats because no extra oils are needed.


There are lots of ways to make sure your next barbeque is full of flavor and healthy food choices. We hope you’re hungry, because this healthy grilling guide is going to make your taste buds tingle.


Cook, don’t overcook, meats on the grill

Studies have discovered links between the consumption of charred meats and an increased cancer risk. According to


“ … a study from the University of Minnesota found that eating charred, well-done meat on a regular basis may increase your risk of pancreatic cancer by up to 60%. Heterocyclic amines (HAs) are created by the burning of amino acids and other substances in meats cooked at particularly high temperatures and that are particularly well-done.”

That doesn’t mean you should give up on hamburgers, though. A meat thermometer is a tool that every grill master needs to help you cook meats perfectly with minimal charring. Here are some basic grilling temperature guidelines:


  • Whole chicken or turkey: 165º F
  • Chicken or turkey breasts (boneless): 165º F
  • Ground chicken or turkey: 165º F
  • Hamburgers, ground beef: 160º F
  • Beef roasts or steaks:
    • Medium rare: 145º F
    • Medium: 160º F
    • Well-done: 170º F
  • Pork: 160º F
  • Fish: 145º F
  • Hot dogs: 165º F or steaming hot


Choosing the healthiest meats to grill

When selecting meats to grill, choose lean cuts. Fat dripping onto hot coals can lead to those cancer-causing carcinogens, so trim any excess fat as well. Grill fish for a dose of protein and healthy fats. Salmon is especially delicious grilled on a cedar plank.


Use marinades and rubs to cut back on salt and sugar

To amplify the delicious smoky flavor of your favorite grilled foods, experiment with marinades and rubs. They’re a great way to add flavor without adding a lot of salt and sugar. But read the nutrition labels on pre-made marinades to be sure they’re not high in salt and sugar. Better yet, made your own simple marinades.


Grill your fruits and veggies

If you’ve never grilled fruits and veggies, you’re missing out. Grilled produce tastes fantastic and tossing some fruits and veggies onto the grill is an easy way to make a healthy, well-balanced meal. Grilling fruits caramelizes the natural sugars and lets you get an easy, healthy dessert on the table in a snap.


With so many in-season produce options available throughout the summer, you’ll have no shortage of delicious choices.


What are some of your favorite foods to toss on the grill? Are there any new recipes you’re excited to try this summer? Start the conversation in the comments!