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Keeping Kids Active in the Summer

Keep Your Kids Active During Summer Break

You know what they say — if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. These words are particularly true when it comes to summer break.

You need a well thought-out plan to keep your kids active outside of school. Now’s the time to start planning. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Sign them up for summer camp

Does anything else say summer quite like “camp”? Summer camps are a great way to keep kids busy and active, help them develop new skills, and make new friends.

There are summer camps for every conceivable interest. One great Colorado-based option for active young adventurers who want to rock climb, kayak, and play outside is Avid4 Adventure.

Your local recreation center, YMCA, and other organizations will also be offering a variety of summer camps. You may even be able to find free summer day camps through local organizations. Day camps will keep the kids active during the day, though some children will love the opportunity to gain more independence at overnight camps.

Designate “no screen” times during the day

It’s easy for children to get caught up in their screens. Video games, television shows, chatting with friends. Those little devices can entertain someone indefinitely. But, that’s no way to spend a summer vacation.

Consider setting “no screen” times throughout the day to encourage your children to play outside. Turn off the TV, put the smartphones in a drawer, and get outside to run around. You’ll probably get a lot of resistance, especially at first, but the result is well worth it.

Make playing a family affair

The best way to keep kids active is to keep them playing, and adults should join in on the fun, too. You can play a sport together, take the dog to the dog park and run around, skip down the sidewalk, explore the woods, get muddy, and whatever else you can dream up. 

Playing helps kids develop vital life skills like gross and fine motor coordination, strength, resiliency, critical thinking skills, and so much more. All parents should learn more about the science of play, and this knowledge will do wonders to help you help your kids stay active.

Whatever you do, make it fun

If you ask a child why they like playing a game or a sport (or why they enjoy doing anything) the answer you’re most likely to get is, “Because it’s fun!” With that in mind, think about active pursuits your own children enjoy. What do they find fun? 

And remember, their perception of fun doesn’t have to make sense to your adult brain. If you let your kids guide their active summer fun, it’ll be far easier to actually keep them active until school starts up again.