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7 Summer Fitness Tips

Get Strong, Stay Cool: Working Out in the Summer

Exercising outside in summer presents a unique set of challenges to consider before you head out. These seven tips will help you stay cool, safe, and active all summer long.


1. Drink water (and then drink more water)

You’ve heard this advice dozens of times, but the importance of proper hydration always merits a mention. Staying hydrated is especially important when you’re pushing your physical limits when it’s hot and sunny.


You can also try specialty sports drinks, powders, and other enhanced hydration options. Your body will be losing electrolytes as you sweat. Depending on the intensity of your workout and your own biology, you might need an extra boost.


After your workout, try making a refreshing, healthy, and sugar-free summer drink. Staying hydrated never tasted so good!


2. If you’re swimming, you still need to drink water

Swimmers often forget to hydrate. After all, they’re in water. It’s counterintuitive, but body heat is actually more difficult to dispel when you’re in the water, so hydration is extra important during a hard swim.


3. Workout in the early morning or evening

Avoid the day’s most intense sun and heat by exercising in the morning, early evening, or at night. If playing in the mountains is your preferred form of exercise, this also a safety measure because afternoon thunderstorms are common during Colorado summers. Head out early to avoid thunderstorms.


4. Dress for the weather

Wear loose, light-colored clothing when exercising outside in summer. Many technical fabrics are breathable and prevent chafing, meaning you’ll stay comfortable throughout your workout.


5. Sunscreen isn’t optional

Like hydration, we can’t over-stress the importance of using sunscreen when you go outside. With so many brands and varieties available these days, you should be able to find a sunscreen that works well for your skin and lifestyle, no matter how much you sweat or how intensely you exercise.


6. Don’t forget your post-workout snack

If you lose your appetite in the heat of summer, you certainly aren’t alone. Extreme heat can dull even the most ravenous appetites. However, you really need to eat after an intense workout, especially if you’ve been exercising outside in the heat.


Try a protein shake made with ice, some chilled fruit and yogurt, a simple protein bar, or anything else that sounds tasty.


7. If you feel dizzy, stop

Heat exhaustion and heatstroke are serious conditions not to be taken lightly. You know your own limits better than anyone, but if you start to feel dizzy, nauseous, or generally unwell, call it a day.


After all, there will be more days and more ways to fit fitness into your summer routine, and protecting your health is the best way to ensure you can keep living your active lifestyle all summer long.


Do you enjoy taking your fitness routines outside during the summer? What are some of your favorite activities? Let’s inspire each other in the comments!