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Fruits and Vegetables in Season in July

Some of Colorado’s Tastiest Fruits and Veggies to Enjoy in July

 Eating local fruits and veggies during their peak season is one of the tastiest ways to infuse more whole food nutrition into your diet. And, there’s plenty of produce out there right now.


Here's our guide to Colorado’s July produce, featuring delicious, unusual recipes you can whip up at home.


Colorado fruits in season in July

Biting into fresh, ripe fruit is a simple summer pleasure, and you’ll have plenty to choose from now that July is here. Here are two of our favorites.



Smooth, sweet Colorado apricots reach their peak in July, and they’re full of many of the micronutrients our bodies need. Pick some up from your local farmer’s market and try these:



Tomato season runs from June into October, meaning July is a great time to stock up on this delicious fruit. Tomatoes are far more versatile than you might realize. Just have a look at some of these recipes:


Colorado veggies in season in July

Now, let’s take a look at Colorado’s in-season veggies, and some of the flavor-filled recipes you can whip up. We featured lots of vegetables in our June in-season produce post, but we’re concentrating on two others this month.


Green beans

Raw or cooked, on their own or in a dish, green beans pack a big punch of crisp flavor. Stock up and try these:



Celery might not sound like the most exciting veggie, but hear us out — there are tons of ways to serve it. It’s also incredibly nutritious, retaining most of its nutrients even when steamed. Still not convinced? Give these dishes a try:

You have several new recipes to try now, which ones will you make first? Let’s get excited for a summer of healthy eating in the comments!