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How to Fix Your Back Pain

Experiencing Back Pain? Give These Tips a Try


Do you have a sore back from years of sitting hunched over your desk or from other daily activities?


You're not alone. An estimated eight out of ten people experience back pain at some point in their lives, and we spend nearly $50 billion each year trying to fix the pain. Tired of battling your back pain? Try these tips, tricks, and exercises to make it feel better!


Try yoga for a better back


Yoga can help improve your strength and flexibility, which is great news for an over-stressed back. Flowing through a number of poses and movements can benefit your back, and you don’t have to attend an official yoga class to reap the benefits.


Here are seven yoga poses you can try.


Strengthen your core muscles


Your core muscles work to stabilize your entire body. Developing a strong core will do wonders for your back, your lower back in particular.


To strengthen your core, try some of these core-strengthening moves.


Don’t just sit there, get up and move


Sitting all day isn’t great for our bodies, and that includes our backs. Make it a point to add some movement into your daily life. That might include desk yoga, a walk, or even some jumping jacks to keep your blood flowing.


Fix your posture


Sitting puts 40 percent more pressure on your spine than standing, but maintaining good posture can help lighten that load.


You may already know the fundamentals of proper posture, but Greatist’s Ultimate Guide to Good Posture has some helpful tips you might not know for sitting, standing, running, walking, and sleeping.


Make time for self-care, including massages if you’re able


Your back could probably use some TLC.


Foam rolling is an excellent pain-relieving technique you can use along with regular stretching. Massages are also incredibly helpful and worth the indulgence, especially if you hold tension in your neck and back.


Visit your doctor if necessary


Sometimes our back pain is due to stresses we put on our bodies and can be fixed with lifestyle adjustments. Other times back pain is a sign of something more serious that needs medical attention.


If your back pain isn’t improving, or is getting steadily worse, it’s time to pay a visit to your doctor. They’ll help you pinpoint why you’re in pain and can prescribe an appropriate treatment program if needed.