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8 Essentials to Keep in Your Gym Bag

What Do You Need in Your Gym Bag?


Ever arrive at the gym, only to realize you forgot something important like headphones or gym shoes? A list of gym bag essentials can help you make sure you’re always prepared for your workout.


1. Workout clothing

If you’re not wearing your workout clothes to the gym, make sure you always have a fresh set in your gym bag. A breathable, well-fitting outfit including a top, shorts/pants, shoes, and socks is a gym bag essential.


2. Water bottle

You already know it’s important to stay hydrated, so don’t forget to pack a water bottle. Making repeat trips to the drinking fountain will just cut into your workout time.


3. Bluetooth headphones

If you like music to work out by, you’ll want a pair of bluetooth headphones. You could make do with a standard pair of corded headphones, but wireless headphones are so much more comfortable and tangle-free when working out.


Aren’t sure which headphones to buy? Check out CNet’s list of the best. Don’t forget to keep them charged!


4. Workout log

Keeping track of your workouts is a great way to ensure continued progress. Carry a notebook and pen through your workout, or take notes on your smartphone.


5. Towel

Wiping down equipment after using it is part of proper gym etiquette. You may want to bring a second towel to use after your workout as well.


6. Hair ties and brush

If you have long hair you know how frustrating it is when you forget to bring a hair tie to the gym. Keep a few extras in your bag. Pack a travel-sized brush or comb, too.


7. Activity-specific essentials

What you keep in your gym bag also depends on the type of workouts you do. Weight lifters might carry chalk, knee wraps, and a belt. Endurance athletes may want a heartrate monitor.


8. Flip flops/shower shoes

Whether you want to take a post-workout shower, enjoy the hot tub, or use the sauna, a pair of flip flops or other shower shoes will come in handy and are a good personal hygiene tool.


9. Deodorant and face wipes

Keep deodorant and face wipes in your gym bag. It’ll make the drive home, running errands, and anything else you’re doing post-workout far more enjoyable for everyone!


10. Post-workout snacks

You never know when you’ll need a snack, so carry a few non-perishable items in your gym bag. Protein bars, protein powder and a blender bottle, nuts, dried fruit, and jerky will keep for a long time. This list of high protein snacks for outdoor adventurers also has some gym-worthy suggestions.