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How to Execute the Lunch Workout desktop

How to Execute the Lunch Workout

Working Out On Your Lunch Break, Simplified


Breaking up your work day with a quick run, bike ride, yoga, or gym session is the perfect way to stay fit and refocus your brain for the afternoon. But, logistics can make it tough to carry out those lunchtime workout plans.


If you’re looking for advice on how to perfectly execute the fabled lunch workout, keep reading — these tips, tricks, and strategies are just what you need.


Clear your plans with the boss first

Before you hit the pavement on your lunch break, make sure it’s okay with your boss and the company’s culture. If your coworkers always eat lunch at their desks or make a quick 20-minute stop at the nearest sandwich shop before getting back to work, your goals of a 45-minute run may be difficult to achieve.


Don’t give up entirely if you receive pushback, though. You may be able to re-approach your boss with information about the benefits of a lunch workout. Once the higher-ups see how fitness can increase your workday productivity they’ll be more likely to agree.


Determine how you’ll work out during lunchtime

Once you’ve gotten the all-clear from your boss and you know how much time you have available, it’s time to choose a workout (or even several to cycle through each week). To be efficient and avoid wasting time, you first need a clear idea of what you’ll be doing, whether it’s a jog down the street or a visit to the gym.


Have a look at some of these lunchtime workout routines to see what’s possible:


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Pack your lunch and workout bag ahead of time

Running out to grab lunch will cut into your workout time, so plan ahead and bring your lunch to work. Don’t forget to load your desk up with healthy snacks, too. Having a snack stash is perfect for your pre-workout calorie needs.


The same logic applies to the clothes you’ll be working out in. Pack everything you’ll need for your fitness fix before you leave for the office or keep a set of clothes at your desk. Don’t forget to pack toiletries, too!


“Showering” after a lunchtime workout

Being sweaty post-workout is a concern for anyone who’s ever used their lunch break to exercise.


Sometimes, baby wipes and deodorant/antiperspirant are all you need to feel clean again. Other workouts might require dry shampoo, face wash, or a full shower. Your post-workout routine will vary, but make sure to allocate enough time to freshen up before getting back to work.