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Fitness on the Go

Exercising While Traveling: It’s Easier Than You Think


Whether you travel for business or pleasure, with your entire family or solo, there’s always a way to sneak in a workout -- no gym required.


Here are some fun and creative ways to fit your fitness into your travel schedule. You may have to prioritize your schedule a bit differently, but trust us — working out on the go can be a fun way to stay active when you’re away from your normal routine.


Travel-friendly resistance band workouts

Resistance bands are the perfect packable workout tool. They’re small and easy to stuff into your suitcase, and there’s a wide variety of resistance levels to choose from based on your fitness level and goals.


Throw a band or two into your bag, and start or end your day with a quick resistance band workout. Here are 7 quick and easy resistance band workouts you can try on your next trip.


A jump rope is another great addition to your traveling workout toolkit, and this simple piece of equipment hardly takes up any space.


HIIT: The intense workout you can do anytime, anywhere

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to get a quick and effective workout into your day no matter where you are. You can use additional weight and resistance if you like, but you can get a super sweaty workout using only your own body weight.


This 30-minute, full-body lunchtime workout can be done any time, so no excuses! You can also include some of these killer ab moves in your HIIT workout for a core burn.


Staying fit when visiting cities

Just being surrounded by natural beauty can motivate you to get moving. A mountain hike or swim in a beautiful lake might sound more exciting than urban exercise, but when you’re traveling you make do with what you have.


From playing on playgrounds to the simplicity of running, try these tips for staying fit in the city. They’ll help you do your workouts when you’re surrounded by buildings and people.


Make it easy for yourself to stay on track

Workouts might be a regular part of our daily routine at home, but travel throws our schedules off. With that in mind, try setting yourself up for success before you leave home.


For starters, find a way to organize and prioritize your fitness goals. Whether you track your workouts in a planner, use an app to track your fitness, write everything down in a notebook, or meticulously schedule workouts as “appointments” in your online calendar, find something that works for you on the road.


And remember, a few days off your routine won’t cause dramatic setbacks. Exercising should be something fun you look forward to and enjoy. Don’t feel guilty if you opt to spend your vacation time catching up with loved ones while eating great food. Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance!