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Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Freshen Up For Spring: Kitchen Cleaning Tips


In a way, overall health begins in your kitchen. It’s where you’ll cook the delicious and healthy meals that fuel your family’s adventures!


There’s no better time to freshen up your kitchen than spring. These kitchen spring cleaning tips will inspire you to toss the junk, stock up on the right foods, and get organized. Who knows, your newly cleaned kitchen might even set you up to make healthier nutritional choices. 


Take inventory of what you have

First things first, see what you’re working with. See what’s in your pantry, cabinets, fridge, freezer, and drawers.


Toss any old or expired food, and take a hard look at the junk food you’ve brought home. Some people have the willpower to eat a single Oreo. Others will devour the entire package. There’s no reason to avoid all of your favorite treats, but be honest with yourself. Which person are you in this scenario? Do you do better when foods like this aren’t around? If “out of sight, out of mind” works best for you, toss the junk.


Deep cleaning your kitchen

The most important part of spring cleaning your kitchen is the cleaning part.


This kitchen spring cleaning guide from Wholefully includes a comprehensive list of the nooks and crannies you should scrub. Let’s face it, we should all remove the knobs from our stove and clean out the grime more often.


Organizing your kitchen

As you clean, keep a list of things you need to stock up on, like cleaning supplies, cooking tools, staple items like olive oil and sugar.


This list should be separate from your grocery list, which we’ll talk about next.


Make a grocery list and get ready to meal prep

Now that you know what type of foods you have, it’s time to make your next grocery list. Look at the ingredients you already have and brainstorm recipe ideas to use those up. If you’re stumped, here are five recipe apps to help you make meals using ingredients you already have on hand.


While you’re at it, get organized by introducing the concept of meal prep to your daily dining habits. You can organize your meals using something as simple as a whiteboard hung on the fridge. There are also apps to help streamline your meal prep process.