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How to Celebrate Meeting Fitness Goals

Healthy Ways to Reward Yourself

How do you celebrate meeting your fitness goals? If you don’t already have a list of go-to’s, try one of these healthy ways to reward yourself! Even if you always celebrate the same way, you’re bound to find a new way to show yourself some appreciation.

1. Pamper yourself

What does pampering look like to you? It might be a deep tissue massage to give your sore muscles some TLC, or even a full-fledged spa day.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to treat yourself, though. Celebrate crushing your latest fitness goal with a warm bath, some candles, and your favorite music. The idea is to reward yourself with something you find relaxing and rejuvenating.

2. Visit a special place

Is there a place near home that you love visiting? Once you meet your workout goal, schedule a date with yourself and take a trip to your favorite park, store, trail, restaurant, or anywhere else that puts a smile on your face.

3. Book a session with a personal trainer

If hitting your latest fitness goal has you fired up, reward yourself with a personal training session. Your trainer can also help you pick your next goal — they’ll be knowledgeable enough to help you choose something challenging yet attainable.

For an extra dose of excitement you could even schedule a session with a trainer who specializes in an activity you’ve never done. Booking a boxing class or a session with a powerlifting coach is a great way to switch things up and stay excited about fitness.

4. Do something that scares you

Getting your adrenaline pumping can be an awesome way to reward yourself. You can go as extreme as skydiving or bungee jumping if you want, but there’s no rule saying you need to jump out of a plane to get a rush.

Maybe ice skating has always scared you a bit, or perhaps the idea of joining a pickup basketball game gives you cold sweats. Facing any fear will feel great!

5. Take some progress pictures

Progress pictures are a great way to evaluate how you’re doing, and what better time to take them when you’re feeling strong and accomplished?

6. Buy some new gear

If buying new workout clothes or gear is something you enjoy, then it’s a great way to reward yourself for reaching a workout goal. You can treat yourself to a new outfit or even the latest piece of technology.

As a bonus, your new purchases will motivate you to keep going with a healthy, fitness-filled lifestyle.