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Do You Have Spring Fever?

Watch Out for These Spring Fever Symptoms


Spring fever is a feeling of restlessness and excitement at the beginning of spring. Winters in Colorado are fun, but it’s hard not to get excited about more sunshine, more warmth, and more opportunities for outdoor activities.


Think you might have spring fever? Here are some of the top “symptoms” to watch out for, and some healthy activities to enjoy when spring finally arrives.


Symptom #1: You suddenly feel like going for a jog

If you suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere, get the urge to go for a nice, long run . . . you may have spring fever. Or, maybe you’re aching to get on your road bike, or summit the nearest high peak.


Thankfully, the solution to your distress is simple — get outside, go for that run, ride your bike, and enjoy the spring weather.


Symptom #2: You’re waking up earlier

Waking up before your alarm might have you concerned about your sleep quality, but there’s no cause for concern. Waking up earlier is simply another sign of spring fever and it’s nothing to be concerned about.


Take advantage of the extra daylight by listening to your body. Get up early and stretch in the morning sun, take the dog for a walk, or simply gaze out your kitchen window with a cup of coffee or tea. Take a few moments to appreciate the arrival of spring.


Symptom #3: You’re dying to put your Crockpot in storage

Crockpots are great year-round, but they really feel like a cooking tool best suited for the soups of winter. If you can’t wait to clear your counter by banishing your crock pot, it’s probably the spring fever talking.


Lucky for you, spring is the perfect time to fill up on fresh, in-season produce. Make a visit to your local farmer’s market to see what’s available. The tips in cooking with in-season produce will make it easy to fill your plate with whole, nutritious foods that give you the energy to enjoy the longer spring days.


Symptom #4: You can’t stop sneezing, sniffling, and scratching

Okay, this last one is an actual symptom of something amiss in your body. This time of year the most likely culprit is allergies. Learn how to treat spring allergies and spring-induced asthma , so you can get back to curing your other spring fever symptoms.