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Best Colorado Places to see Flowers and Trees Bloom

Here’s Where to Find Blooming Trees and Wildflowers in Colorado

Spring is here and you know what that means — it’s bloom season! Beautiful cherry trees are blossoming, wildflowers are coming into their prime (albeit a bit later in the season and often in early summer), and we might even get lucky with some warm and sunny days. If you want to catch stunning trees and flowers during their peak blooms, here’s where you need to go.

Cherry Creek, Denver

Perhaps not surprisingly, Denver’s Cherry Creek is a wonderful spot to catch cherry trees as they blossom. Denver’s trees were replanted after World War II and wandering streets and paths that are bursting with soft pinks is a pleasant way to spend a spring afternoon. Another fun option is to bike along the lovely Cherry Creek Bike Path.

Here’s a secret if you’d like to see even more trees in blossom: Speer Boulevard is also filled with cherry trees.

University of Colorado - Boulder

For the many Coloradans that live along the Front Range corridor there are plenty of gorgeous blossoming trees, even if many trees don’t exactly thrive here. CU-Boulder has invested considerable resources into creating a lovely, color-filled landscape around the school. You can see more than different types of 4,100 trees from 100+ different species.

While you explore the Front Range keep an eye out for colorful pink and white crabapple trees, especially during April and May. Like many of the trees you might see in the area, these trees aren’t native to Colorado. However, they are a popular landscaping choice because of their hardiness and are lovely to look at.

Indian Peaks Wilderness

If you want to get out of the metro Denver area without having to travel too far, then the Indian Peaks Wilderness should be on your list of places to view blooming wildflowers. The Hessie Trailhead can get busy on weekends, but it is a great introduction to the area’s trails. Try taking the Devils Thumb Trail to the Devils Thumb Bypass Trail - you’ll eventually be greeted with a stunning, colorful meadow full of flowers.

Just keep in mind that blooming times are different up in the mountains. You may have to wait until early summer to catch the best wildflower displays.

Aspen to Crested Butte

On the other side of the Rockies along the Western Slope, vibrant wildflowers are the norm.

Aspen and Crested Butte seem quite close to each other when you look at a map, but that can be deceiving. Getting from one to the other requires a nearly 200-mile drive or a 10.5-mile hike. If that sounds outlandish, rest assured - the scenery is well worth the trip! Hiking the route is arguably the best way to see the flowers blooming, so get your boots ready. Don’t forget to clear your camera’s memory card, either, because you’ll need it.