Best Colorado Farmers Markets



Colorado Farmers Markets 2015

There are endless reasons to visit local farmers markets in Colorado. Not only do farmers markets allow you to purchase local, fresh and delicious fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and other tasty treats, but they also provide visitors with various forms of outdoor entertainment and activities that are perfect for individuals of any age.

Colorado residents often go out of their way to visit and purchase produce from local farmers markets! Here are a few reasons why:

  • Purchasing items at a farmers market allows you to meet the actual people who own or work at the farm or facility that produced the food. When you buy items at a grocery store, meeting the farmer or anyone who works at the farm that produced the food you are about to purchase is an impossible notion.
  • Food purchased at a farmers market tastes better than food available in a large grocery store. Fruits and vegetables sold at a farmers market are the freshest type you can find for sale.
  • You support local farmers, growers, bakers and small businesses when you purchase items at a farmers market. It's tough for small and local farms to compete against large chain stores. By purchasing their items at a farmers market, you are helping local businesses survive and thrive.
  • Attending a farmers market is a social event. If you have been visiting the same farmers market consistently for months or years, you will inevitably see people you know at the market when you are there. Or, you may develop a social relationship with other visitors or even local farmers. 
  • You can walk to many farmers markets. Farmers markets are often set in urban areas which makes it easy for locals to visit without the need to drive and park their car.

Looking for a farmers market near you? Take a look at any of these websites to learn more about locating a nearby farmers market or finding a local farmers market schedule:

  • Colorado Farmers Market Association - The CFMA works to promote and support local farmers markets. The organization's website contains a listing of many farmers markets that are located throughout the state of Colorado at various times of the year.
  • Metro Denver Farmers Market - With a 30+ year history, the Metro Denver Farmers market offers shoppers seven different locations in the Denver metro area. Their website contains information about each location as well as information about vendors.
  • National Farmers Market Directory - This directory allows visitors to search for farmers by state. In Colorado, there are 166 farmers markets listed by city. If you have never visited a farmers market in Colorado, now is the time to start! Not only is a local farmers market an excellent place to purchase local and healthy foods, but a farmers market is also a great venue to gather recipes, get inspired with healthy cooking ideas, and learn from actual farmers about how food is grown in Colorado. Also, you might make a few new acquaintances while you're there!