Top Snowshoeing Trails in Colorado



Top 7 Snowshoeing Trails in Colorado

Where to go Snowshoeing in Colorado

Snowshoeing is a fantastic way to stay active during the winter, and there’s no shortage of amazing trails here in Colorado. Whether you want to set off on an easy, family-friendly snowshoe in Rocky Mountain National Park or prefer to blaze your own trails in the rugged terrain of Southern Colorado, there’s a trail that’s perfect for you. Here are seven of our favorites throughout the state!

Snowshoeing trails in Northern Colorado

We’ll kick off our list with some of the top snowshoeing trails throughout Northern Colorado.

1.  Bear Lake Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is a delight during the winter—the crowds have died down so you’ll be able to enjoy the rugged mountain scenery sans large groups. Bear Lake Trail is one of the most popular snowshoe routes in the park and the loop is an easy 0.8 miles. The terrain around the lake is relatively flat, making this an excellent choice for beginner snowshoers. For more of a challenge, look out for the trail up to Nymph Lake. The climb isn’t too intense, but you’ll definitely get your blood pumping.

2.  Brainard Lake Trail, Ward

The Brainard Lake Recreation Area is absolutely packed in the summer, so visiting this scenic spot during winter is highly recommended. To access the trail park in the lot near the winter closure gate. From here you’ll be 2 miles away from Brainard Lake and you can snowshoe right up the access road. Alternatively, try one of the many trails in the area to create your own route to the lake. If you’re feeling really adventurous and energetic, you can even hoof it up to the summit of Mount Audubon. It’s a frigid and windy trek, though, so prepare accordingly.

3.  Walker Ranch Loop, Boulder

Walker Ranch is located approximately 10 miles up Flagstaff Road from Boulder and it’s a great snowshoe spot. The entire loop is 7.7 miles and there’s a fair amount of elevation change, so arrive ready for a workout. From the parking lot you can snowshoe the loop in either direction.

Top snowshoe trails in Southern Colorado

Explore the mountains of Southern Colorado, and make sure your camera is ready—you’ll want to remember this scenery.

4.  Cheesman Ranch Trail, Mueller State Park

There are so many excellent trails for snowshoeing in Mueller State Park, located near Colorado Springs. It’s hard to pick just one, so we’ll start with a classic. The Cheesman Ranch Trail is moderately difficult, at 8.5 miles, and it makes for a great family outing with a dose of education. Explore what remains of old ranching homesteads and think about what life might have been like for the area’s early settlers.

5.  Ironton Park, Ouray

Located approximately 9 miles north of Ouray, the Ironton Park area has snowshoe and other winter-use trails for a variety of tastes. The Townsite Loop is about two miles long and takes you around old buildings throughout this ghost town. From the Townsite Loop Trail you’ll also have access to a number of other trails, so you can

easily choose your own adventure and explore whichever spots catch your interest.

6.  Old Monarch Pass, Salida

For a relatively quick jaunt, head to the top of Old Monarch Pass right from the trailhead and parking area. It’s a 3-mile round trip that will have you craving more time on your snowshoes, and thankfully you’ll already be in a great place for further explorations. The pass has a ton of different terrain, making it a great place to test out different types of trails.

7.  Snowshoeing the Grand Mesa in Western Colorado

There’s so much to explore in the wild, wild west of Colorado! Kickstart your snowshoeing adventures atop the Grand Mesa.. The Grand Mesa is one of the best snowshoeing spots in the region. The paths are divided up into different trail systems, but first time visitors should head toward the County Line and Ward Creek trails. The former features amazing south-facing views of the San Juan Mountains, and the latter has the most trails.