March of Dimes Volunteer Shares Her Story



Volunteering for March of Dimes

The following story is what inspired me to volunteer for March of Dimes. Every year since my daughter, Domonique, was born, I have participated in the annual March For Babies event. For several years I had a family team and ran the Family Teams tent, working to recruit more volunteers. I also served as a volunteer at the national level for several years. I served on the National Volunteer Leadership Committee (NVLC) and even lobbied in Washington D.C. with the Colorado chapter for the CHP+ program.

I continue to volunteer for the MOD whenever possible: March for Babies, Mudd Volleyball and the Signature Chefs dinner. It is so rewarding to give back to an organization dedicated to helping babies.

Karen Admire, Senior Customer Service Representative
Rocky Mountain Health Plans

My Story

Wednesday, June 16, 2004.

I was a little more than 32 weeks pregnant and had been on limited bed rest due to pre-eclampsia. Because of that, I was extra excited about the day’s doctor appointment. At least I would get to wear my cute maternity clothes and go out for a couple hours!

I showed up at the hospital for the day’s round of tests to determine the baby’s activity level. The nurses got me all hooked up to the monitors and we waited for my little girl to start kicking. When there were no results, the nurses grew worried almost immediately. My doctor ordered a bio-physical profile (a highly detailed ultra-sound) and my biggest fears became a reality. The ultrasound showed that I had lost almost all of my amniotic fluid. Even though my baby was barely more than two pounds, my doctor advised that she needed to be delivered right away. I cried as I phoned my husband, Mike, and the rest of the family to let them know we were doing this NOW!

It wasn’t long before my sobbing turned to numbness. I was in shock as I was suddenly being wheeled in for an epidural. Everything was happening so fast. This was not how I planned this moment. I was only coming in for a routine test for goodness sake! I felt like all my dreams were going out the window and I resigned myself to another loss. (I  lost my first child in 1991 due to complications with that pregnancy.)

Mike and I talked mindlessly in the O.R. just trying to keep our minds off what was going on with our baby. I honestly think we were talking about fishing but it was really all a big blur. I remember watching the doctor, trying to get some indication from him about what our baby’s chances were. There were so many people in the room, but they were all doing their work in dreadful silence. Everyone in there knew that babies born too early have a tough road ahead of them. Most babies that small don’t have fully developed lungs and usually suffer severe complications.

I didn’t know how I could stand another second, and then I heard the most beautiful sound in the world– my little fighter let out a cry. The smallest, cutest cry, like a baby bird—but a cry, nonetheless. Tears streamed wordlessly down my face. My little girl was here.


Domonique had to stay in the hospital for three weeks before she was able to come home. Mike still remembers his feelings of helplessness as he watched her struggle in the NICU.  Our little girl came home on oxygen and an apnea monitor and was under four pounds– but she was home!

I’ll never forget the fear my family and I faced and I hope my work with March of Dimes has helped change the future for mothers and babies.

Karen has been a Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) employee for seven years. RMHP is a proud partner of the March of Dimes, Colorado Chapter. Visit the March of Dimes website for more information about how you can help.