6 Strange (But Fun) Winter Sports



The Six Coolest Winter Sports You’ve Never Heard of

Experience the season in a whole new way.

Are you bored with “normal” winter sports, like cross-country skiing and snowboarding? If you’re looking for some new ways to stay active during the winter, you might enjoy some of these oddball winter sports.

1. Biathlon

Fuse your love of skiing and marksmanship with this wild winter sport. Competitors complete a cross-country skiing race, stop, and then take five shots at a target. This cycle is repeated for as many loops as the competition requires, and poor shots cause time to be added to the racer’s final score. The person with the lowest combined times wins!

2. Skeleton

This (mildly terrifying) sport was re-introduced to the winter Olympics in 2002, and it requires serious guts. Competitors start by running up to a small sled. Next, they pounce on the sled and careen down an ice track. Once they get going, there’s no stopping — the sleds don’t have brakes. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, this sport should do the trick.

3. Curling

Curling is a fairly well-known winter sport, but that doesn’t make it any less strange. This Canadian export calls for two sets of large, polished stones, a sheet of ice, and brooms. Two teams of four (called rinks) alternate sliding the stones toward a target. They have the help of sweepers, the teammates who control the speed and direction of the stone by aggressively sweeping the ice with their brooms. Another teammate stands near the target and hollers out feedback to the sweepers. Whichever team is closer to the target gets a point.

4. Skijoring

Norwegians know how to entertain themselves during winter, an assertion supported by the fact that they invented an activity called skijoring. You’ll need a few dogs (or a horse, or a vehicle) and a pair of skis. The basic premise is you’ll be mushing behind them. If you try skijoring with your horse or a car you might even be able to catch some air on jumps... just remember to wear a helmet!

5. Yukigassen

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why hasn’t anyone turned snowball fights into an action-packed sport?” then you’ll love yukigassen. Part snowball fight, part dodgeball, part capture the flag, and 100% awesome, this winter sport is an all-out, snowy battle between two opposing teams. Yukigassen requires a small court, but that’s just about the only civilized part of the game. Each team has seven players and 90 snow balls, and whoever gets hit with a snowball is out. Players also need to capture the opposing team’s flag.

6. Coffin races

Coloradans are innovative, especially when it comes to winter activities. While not technically a “sport,” towns like Manitou Springs and Nederland have pioneered the humble coffin race. If you want to participate in an official white-knuckled race to the finish line in your own coffin, assemble a team and head out to Nederland for Frozen Dead Guy Days. This quirky annual festival is full of winter fun, so you’ll have plenty to do after you take home the top spot in the coffin race. Winter sports can be a great deal of fun. If an injury stops your winter enjoyment, make sure your insurance provides the benefits you need.

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