6 Exercises and Fitness Activities to Try in 2016



Shake up your old routines with these creative calorie-crushers.

Have you started working on your 2016 New Year’s resolutions? The new year is a perfect time for reflection and planning, and health and fitness are typically near the top of everyone’s resolution list. If one of your goals is to get (or stay) active, add some of these activities into your mix.

1. New fitness DVDs

Do you love a good workout class, but prefer not to spend money on in-gym classes? If so, consider finding a great workout routine at home. You can find virtually any workout routine, from high-intensity cardio to advanced yoga, on DVD. If you’re overwhelmed by all of the options, Beachbody’s DVDs are a great place to start. Fitness experts will guide you through the workouts, and these routines are no-nonsense sweat sessions that will get your blood pumping. Here are some of Beachbody’s new offerings for 2016.

2. Rebounding

You may not have heard of this one before, but it’s a blast. Rebounding involves jumping around on a small trampoline. You’ll get a killer cardio workout while strengthening your legs and core. Experts also say that rebounding is beneficial for your lymphatic and immune systems. The best part? It's just plain fun!

3. Skiing

If you’ve never hit the slopes or the tracks, resolve to strap on some skis during January. Skiing is a great way to enjoy the winter outdoors and it’s also an excellent workout. You can speed down steep mountain slopes at the resorts, test your skills at the park, or opt for a blood-pumping cross-country skiing outing. Here’s a helpful guide about preparing for the ski season in Colorado to get you started.

4. Weightlifting

During the winter it can be more difficult to do some of our favorite cardio-based activities, like biking and hiking—but that’s no excuse to be idle. This new year, consider adding weightlifting to your workout routines. You can join a gym, create an in-home fitness center, or simply use your own body weight. The strength you’ll gain will come in handy for all of those great warm weather activities.

5. Acroyoga

Combine yoga and acrobatics for a seriously tricky, but fun, activity. This yoga practice relies on a foundation of playfulness and community, and it is a partner sport. Find a class near you, grab a friend, and see whether you enjoy this unique physical and mental workout.

6. CrossFit

CrossFit is exploding in popularity around the world. If you haven’t tried this intense form of exercise then you should definitely make it a goal to check out a class in 2016. CrossFit workouts combine a variety of different fitness elements into one sport, including high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, and calisthenics. Devotees love that workouts challenge them physically, but the sense of community is what keeps most people coming back. Members of CrossFit gyms, called boxes, encourage each other to set new personal records and are a great source of fitness inspiration.