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4 Best Sledding Spots Near Denver | RMHP Blog

4 Best Sledding Spots Near Denver | RMHP Blog



‘Tis the Season for Sledding in Colorado!

Sledding is fun for everyone, adults included! It’s also one of many fantastically fun ways to stay active during the winter. And, unlike skiing and snowboarding, you don’t have to drive all the way to the mountains to get your fix — if you live in or around Denver there are plenty of sledding hills to enjoy.


Read these sledding tips from the experts, and then plan your outing. Here are 4 of the top sledding spots near the Denver metro area.


1. Ruby Hill Park, Denver

You can’t technically sled on the hills in city parks unless it’s been sanctioned (though, many people still do). With that in mind, Ruby Hill Park is the best legal option for sledding in a Denver park.


As long as you’re being safe, there’s no chance of being ticketed, and dogs are even allowed as long as they’re leashed. The Ruby Hill Rail Yard also has some skiing and snowboarding features, so you can sled, ski, and snowboard all in one place beginning in January of each year.


The views of Denver aren’t half bad, either.


2. Sledding Hill Park, Littleton

The topography at Sledding Hill Park is perfect for, well, sledding. The park is large and undeveloped, with no designated trails getting in the way of your downhill fun.


Like any spot in or near the city, it can get crowded after a big snowfall. Come prepared to sled alongside your fellow Coloradans, and help keep yourself and everyone else safe by paying attention to your surroundings.


3. Hidden Valley, Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP)

Hidden Valley used to be a ski area, and now you can head there for some fast and fun sledding action. Even though RMNP is close to Denver, it will feel like you’re deep in the wilderness… especially if you’re able to come during on off-peak time.


As an added bonus, your park entrance fee will grant you access to heated bathrooms and a warming hut (on the weekends). Cold noses, fingers, and toes will definitely appreciate the added amenities.


4. Tantra Park, Boulder

Some consider Tantra Park the “best and most dependable” sledding spot in Boulder, due to the hill’s length, width, slope, and north-facing direction. That all means you can get going pretty fast, so be sure to watch out for fellow sledders and other obstacles.


Another great option in Boulder is Scott Carpenter Park; just take care to sled in designated areas only.


Do you have any other sledding spots in the Denver area to add to this list? Have you been to any of the hills on this list? If you’re willing to share your secrets, other readers would love the tips!