Thanksgiving Recipes - Healthy and Unique



Unique and Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Spice up Thanksgiving with These Non-Traditional Recipes It’s T Day again and that means it’s your chance to wow family and friends with your cooking skills. Here are some fun and healthy recipes to whip up and share with friends and family while you give thanks.

Creative, healthy side dish recipes for Thanksgiving

For many of us, the sides are the best part about Thanksgiving dinner. (Seriously, how come people don’t make stuffing all the time?!) You don’t have to abandon your traditional standbys, but try working these new greats into rotation.

Mashed un-potatoes

A surprisingly creamy and delicious take on mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower is a great side dish that packs an extra dose of veggies into your meal. This “mock” garlic mashed potatoes recipe is tasty and healthy. Top the mashed cauliflower with any number of toppings, like shredded cheese or your favorite herbs and spices. It’s not quite the same as mashed potatoes, but it’s pretty darn close.

Quinoa stuffing

For gluten-free palates quinoa stuffing is perfect. This drool-worthy recipe features apples, hazelnuts, and sweet potatoes.

Autumn salads

Use the flavors of fall in your salad recipes to create a winning side dish that everyone at the table will love. This recipe features a horseradish vinaigrette that provides just the right kick for the brussels sprouts, squash, and pomegranate seeds that make up this yummy combo. If you’re looking for something lighter and crunchier this shredded brussels sprout and apple salad is sure to hit the spot.

Soup sides

Get extra creative and serve a hearty pumpkin soup at Thanksgiving dinner. This curried pumpkin soup recipe has a surprising addition — apples! If you prefer your soups chunky instead of creamy, then give this rustic vegetable soup with red beans and potatoes a try. It’s filling enough to serve with the main meal, and vegetarians will love a non-meat dish to indulge in.

The Thanksgiving Turkey redesigned

Are your taste buds ready for a new (and succulent!) spin on the traditional Thanksgiving turkey? The following turkey recipes will leave you slightly intrigued AND satisfied.

Non-traditional takes on turkey

If this red wine lacquered turkey tastes half as good as it looks, you will be the toast of your Thanksgiving. It’s stunning enough to be used as a centerpiece, and the one-of-a-kind blend of flavors sounds ridiculously mouthwatering. For fans of spicier cuisine, this Asian spiced turkey is prepared in much the same way as a traditional roasted turkey, but with a non-traditional spice blend. A side of Sriracha is another way to surprise your guests and cap off the recipe.

Healthy and fun Thanksgiving desserts

To round out your distinctive Thanksgiving, you’ll need some stellar desserts. Fair warning, though, it will be hard to narrow down your choices:

If you want to stick to traditional pies, these three healthified recipes are worth a try, too.

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