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Secrets to Urban Exercise: How to Stay Fit in the City

Secrets to Urban Exercise: How to Stay Fit in the City


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Exercise Without Visiting the Gym

If you live in the city, it’s not always possible to go deep into Mother Nature for your exercise fix. Even here in Colorado, getting out to the mountains to run or ski may not be the easiest option, especially on busy weekdays. But, you don’t have to force yourself in to a gym to get a great workout! Here are some activities and exercises that you can do in the city, or anywhere else, to stay fit and healthy.

Workout at the park – playground and all!

Parks and playgrounds aren’t just for the kids – you can get a fantastic, full-body workout using some of the equipment found at many parks. Hop on the monkey bars and practice that long-lost skill. Experiment with speed, skipping every other bar, or any other method that gets you to the intensity you need for your own fitness level. Practice pull-ups on any of the bars, too. If you can’t do a full pull-up try hopping up and then lowering yourself down as slowly as possible. Concentrating on the negative is one sure-fire way to get you closer to unassisted pull ups.

For your lower body, use benches to do step-ups or box jumps, and modify as needed. The possibilities are endless at the park, as long as you use your imagination. If you’re stumped about getting started, there are tons of park workout guides available online. You can find plans for beginners all the way up to guides for extreme athletes with tons of strength.

Feel the burn with bodyweight exercises

Technically, the park exercises that we just mentioned are also bodyweight exercises. However, for many bodyweight exercises, you don’t even need access to a park. You can do them from the comfort of your own home, on the street, or anywhere else there’s space! Tuck jumps, push-ups, lunges, wall-sits… they’re all bodyweight exercises, and they’re all easy to learn. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out this fantastic list of 50 bodyweight exercises to put together a routine that works for you.

Maximize your time with HIIT workouts

If you want to up the intensity, throw some HIIT into the mix! HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, and it’s one of the best ways to get the most out of a workout without having to step inside a gym. And, this method is extremely versatile. All you have to do is alternate periods of high intensity work with periods of lower intensity effort.

HIIT and running

If you like to run through the streets of your city but are looking to switch up your routine, you can add elements of HIIT into your cardio. Sprint all out for 30 seconds, recover at a slow jog for 15 seconds, and repeat. Do some tuck jumps or burpees if you come to a stop light. You’ll bring your fitness to a whole new level.

HIIT and bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight exercises are perfect for HIIT! Again, simply combine a period of activity with a period of decreased activity or rest. You could do bicycle crunches for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest, for example. The options are nearly endless, and this is one excellent way to switch things up to keep your mind engaged and your body guessing.