Prepping the Garden



It seems like winter will never end, but the thaw is coming soon...and that means it’s time to think about the garden!

Whether you have a huge yard, a few small areas, or practically no space, there’s a way to bring the beauty and charm of a garden – not to mention scrumptious foods – into your life. 

Preparation of the Space

Even before the planting and tending can begin, getting the space ready is key! If you already have a garden space that’s been used, focus on getting it cleared of any winter debris and see if they need repair in any way (weed protection, edges, etc). If you’re looking to create some garden space, try building these raised beds (you can also find ready-made at most local hardware stores). If you’d rather plant straight into the ground, mark off the area, create borders, lay your weed-blocking layers, and build any additional pieces you might need.

Living in an apartment, condo, or just have very limited space? Consider building a vertical garden! It can be both a conversation piece and a source of nutrition and beauty. There are a lots of varieties, including indoor and outdoor, so don’t let small spaces keep you from building a garden! Two raised garden beds filled with flowers and vegetables are nestled in small backyard. A delightful rustic sign hanging jauntily on a recycled gate adds an artistic accent.[/caption]

Getting ready to Plant

Once you have your beds or hanging garden spaces built and ready, go talk to your local nursery! Each climate, even within the state of Colorado, is totally different. Being able to discuss what you want to grow, and what those plants require, is best done with an expert. This is especially important if you want to plant in the ground itself, since different ground soils have different chemical compositions.

Making sure you start conscientiously will ensure successful harvesting later! Don’t forget that it’s important to have the space, but also important to clear the space of things that hard (weeds, stones, etc) and fill it with things that nurture (compost, worms, fertilizer) before planting! If you are growing from seeds outside, start your plants in a seedling tray, sometimes called seed starter trays. Small seeds often have a hard time surviving in Colorado’s volatile climate. You want to plan enough time for your seeds to sprout and grow a bit before transplanting them! The next blog will including planting and tending – Don’t miss it! Check out our Pinterest board.