Claims information is online for RMHP Members!



View Your Claims Easily!

Paying for health care can be really confusing!


Instead of paying when you leave the doctor’s office (or hospital, or other provider), you have to wait for weeks or months for the provider to submit their claims to your insurance company, have those claims reviewed, and then get the bill. It’s also hard to not know what you will be charged until you get that bill.


We know that this can be confusing to keep track of, so we wanted to help our Members track this process easily in one place in real time. You can see whether a provider has sent us claims, whether we’ve processed/approved/denied them, and how much you’ll owe when they send you a bill (so you can also know you’re paying the right amount).


How? Just sign into (or sign up for) your access|RMHP member portal at Go to Login in the upper right corner and choose Member. Then just sign in or sign up!


When you sign into your personalized access|RMHP member portal, move your mouse to My Health Plan and click on Claims.

A list of all the claims will come up. They’ll list the date, Provider name, total billed, total patient responsibility (this is your portion), total paid (that’s RMHP’s portion) and Status.


Want an estimate beforehand? If you know you need a certain treatment and want to get a cost estimate, you can do that too! In your member portal, move your mouse over “Doctor and Pharmacy” and choose Estimate Treatment Cost. You’ll get a personalized estimate based on your health insurance plan, what you’ve spent already, and the list of closest providers.


Health care can be expensive, but it shouldn’t be surprising. Know your rights and your responsibilities.


If you have questions about a claim or think you are not being charged correctly, feel free to ask us any time!