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Keeping Your Kids Active During the Winter Months

Keeping Your Kids Active During the Winter Months



Keep Your Kids Active All Winter Long with These Fun Activities

Summer weather seems to call kids outside, but here in Colorado we know that thunderstorms and rainy weather can drive us inside instead of out! It can be tough to keep kids active throughout the dreary storms, but it’s definitely not impossible. Your kids may be more inclined to sit inside and watch TV, but these activities just might make them change their minds about that next Netflix binge. Be sure you join them! So how do you tear them away from their screens?

Make it a competition

Why not turn being active into a game? Turn on some favorite music to get everyone pumped up, and then give these tests of endurance a try:

  • Who can do the most jumping jacks in a minute? How about push-ups,? Or, who can do the most without stopping?
  • Who can do the longest wall-sit?
  • Who can pick up the most toys from around the house?
  • Can anyone do a handstand? Headstand? Back bend?
  • Dance party! Who has the best moves?
No matter how you choose to create some competition inside the house, get creative with it. You can even keep a chart and give out stickers to the winner, or to whomever participates, similar to a chore chart. These activity charts are a great visual for kids to see how active they’ve been, and they’re bound to love seeing their progress. You can even reward them with more fun activities, like the ones listed below.

Take a trip to the indoor pool

Does your town have an indoor public pool that’s open throughout the year, whether at a community center or the gym? Use it! It’s often less crowded in the summer. New swimmers can take lessons, and more advanced swimmers may love joining a swim team. Many pools even have scheduled play times just for families, where kids will flock to the water to work off that pent-up energy.

Check out the skating rink

Do you have access to a skating rink, whether ice or roller skating? Kids can play hockey, try figure skating, or just have some fun with trying not to fall too often. Indoor skating rinks are perfect for escaping the weather.

When was the last time you went bowling?

If it’s been far too long since the entire family ventured out to the bowling alley, then a stormy day is the perfect time to see who can bowl a strike.

Get outside!

Bad weather doesn’t mean staying cooped up inside. Get the whole family together for some fun, outdoor activities. Kids love playing in the rain, especially because it is usually forbidden. Need some more ideas for how to entice your kids to be active when the weather is bad? This list has some excellent, at-home suggestions that are supposedly for winter, but are also perfect for any day where you’re cooped up inside.