Quick and Easy ways to stay healthy



Good Health is the Best Wealth

One of the best approaches to maintain great health is to keep in mind the impact of very small choices.


For example, an elderly German couple bought a house that a family member recently sold. This house was a tri-level and had a lot of stairs, and the real estate agent was worried about the 90-something couple in a house full of stairs. The 92-year-old man’s response was “the stairs are why we want the house. Climbing stairs keeps you young!”


This is simply a different perspective on stairs from the standard American perspective: from nuisance and danger to a great tool for inspiring health.


This exchange, then relayed to me, actually inspired my own resolution to always take the stairs and avoid elevators.


Small choices matter!


To stay healthy, or start down a path to health, try these small changes that – over the course of a year – can have a huge impact.

(Be sure you are always safe. If you are concerned about your balance or your abilities, talk to a doctor before trying these).


  1. Take the stairs! Even if you have things in your hand. Even if you’re tired. Stairs are your friend.
  2. Walk more. Try to find opportunities to walk, whether it’s parking farther from the door to the office to taking an extra lap with the dog to walking around your city or town’s downtown area, walk as much as you can.
  3. Use your commercials! 30 seconds is actually a great timer. Try a plank for the entire commercial, or (if that’s too long), do a plank at the start of every commercial between your show. Or do a plank during one commercial, do 10 squats during the next, do 25 jumping jacks during the next… here are lots of ideas for optimizing your commercials!
  4. Drink water. Hydration makes you feel more energized, more focused, and healthier. Try some of these ideas (infused ice cubes? Easy! Lemon water? Perfect!) if boring ol’ water isn’t enough.
  5. Eat veggies. Seriously. Just do it. If you aren’t quite ready to make half your meal veggies, try adding a little bit more each meal. Try these ideas for ways to add veggies to your diet.
  6. Breathe. Take 30 seconds, a minute, 5 minutes each day to just be still and silent. It’s possible, even in the busiest life. Make this a priority.
  7. Floss. Every day. Do it while reading a magazine or watching TV if you get antsy, but floss.
  8. Remember that being healthy is the best thing you can do for others. It’s not just good for you, prioritizing your health improves your relationships, your parenting, your work, your productivity, everything. If you are focused on how to be the best friend/spouse/parent/employee – this is it.

What’s your favorite small tip that has a huge impact? Share your tips and help us stay healthy too!