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Make the most Delicious Homemade Bread

Did you know that store-bought bread can have all sorts of additives and preservatives, even hidden high fructose corn syrup?


Luckily, it’s extremely easy to make homemade bread! Here we’ll focus on two different variations. One is no-knead, crusty, yummy, easy to the extreme. Perfect for beginners!


The second is my favorite bread. It does take more time and work, but if you’ve never had made-from-scratch honey whole wheat bread, you don’t know how scrumptious toast can be. It’s a treat and so fun.


No-knead bread


Plan to make the dough the night before you need this bread, it requires 12-18 hours to rise and become a lovely consistency. It’s easy, delicious, and will impress everyone, though, so have at it!


Honey-Whole-Wheat loaf bread


This bread reminds me of my mom’s recipe from childhood. I learned to bake bread at her side, first practicing counting cups of flour, then learning the magic of making food from flour. My hands would be sticky with dough and the smell of yeast and honey would linger for hours. I love making this with my hands, but if you would prefer an easier route, a bread machine or mixer makes this recipe much easier and just as tasty!


Don’t be afraid of yeast. Deliciousness awaits.


What’s your favorite bread recipe? Do you like making bread at home?