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How MyDigitalMD can help you end the holiday ER curse.

Aaaah, the holidays. So full of beautiful family memories. The Thanksgiving when little Ally ran across the garage floor in wet socks and ended up with a concussion. The Halloween when Tucker, our allergic-to-everything family member, developed a rash and threw up on the neighbor’s sidewalk/jack-o-lantern. The snowshoeing adventure that…well, you get the point. Each golden memory is marred with re-vamped childcare, driving, and unexpected expenses in a season already full of expenses—plus the anxiety of wondering if a cherished loved-one is “ok.”

This kind of excitement can wipe out your winter fun in a hurry. Whether it’s you or a family member in pain, there’s nothing you want more than for everyone to get well and carry on with your busy holiday schedule. Urgent Care centers and Emergency Rooms can be costly and inconvenient, but life and illness often happen after hours. Beyond googling your symptoms, what other choices do you have?

With the free MyDigitalMD service from RMHP, you can send a message or video chat with Colorado-based doctors from your smartphone, computer, or tablet and get the answers you need: Is my bug a cold or the flu? Do I need a prescription? Should I go to the Emergency Room? What are the follow-up instructions for my recent illness? All for no copay. MyDigitalMD allows RMHP Commercial and Medicaid Members to get the help you need from the couch, the lodge or that certain-spot-on-the-road-where-you-have-two-bars.  

Don’t wait and wonder about treatment after hours or rack up another holiday expense in the ER. Cuddle in your sweats, sip your hot tea, and take control of your health. Visit or download MyDigitalMD from the App Store today.