Sledding Tips for All!



Glitter Snow, Hot Chocolate and Other Tips for your Best Sledding Fun

Not everyone in Colorado is an extreme sports enthusiast. Some of us are lovers of more casual outdoor fun. And what could be more casual or more fun than winter sledding? We conducted a Q&A session with true sledding experts-- Colorado natives under ten—and are giving you the benefit of their wisdom.

Hill selection

Q: What do you look for in a sledding hill?
My mom at the top and my dad at the bottom.
You gotta find the biggest hill and have your mom carry your sled up it for you. Besides a mom for sled-toting, the right hill is critical to your sledding trip. Keep everyone’s ages and abilities in mind when choosing. You’ll get more trips back and forth with a smaller hill and it can be less intimidating for younger children. Taller, steeper hills can provide a little more excitement for adults and older kids. Near Grand Junction, “Old Powderhorn” is a favorite sledding spot and there are enough varying hills there to please everyone.

Snow days or sunny days

Q: What are the best days for sledding?
Days when the snow looks like glitter. Glitter snow is the fastest. Sunny and snowy days each have their own sledding charm, but take the weather into account if you’re driving or have outdoor gear that isn’t completely waterproof. There is nothing worse than a long, soggy drive home after a great snow outing.

Goodies and gulps

Q: What are the best snacks for after sledding?
Lexi: When you’re shivery cold, go inside and warm up with some hot chocolate, which is pretty much the best part of anything in the winter.   Have a place in mind near your chosen hill for after-sledding refreshment. Friends’ houses or casual restaurants make great warm-up spots and can help replenish the energy expended trekking up and down. Our best adult tips are: invest in waterproof gloves, go with friends, and take turns carrying the kids’ sleds.

Special thanks to Riley, 5, and Lexi, 6, for sharing their knowledge.