Preparing Your Kids for Back to School



Get Your Kids Ready for a Healthy and Fun New School Year

Summertime is just about over, and students and their families across the state are beginning to prepare for the new school year. Whether you’re this is your first year as a back-to-school parent or you’ve done the back to school routine countless times in the past, it never hurts to review everything you’ll need to do to prepare your children for a healthy and happy new academic year. Here is what you need to know to send your kids back to school and keep them having a healthy new academic year.

Back to school health tips

The new school year is the perfect time to make sure that your children are up to date on their yearly health exams and immunizations. Annual physicals (checking to make sure their boosters are up to date), vision tests, and hearing tests are a great place to start. Discuss any health concerns with your child’s doctor so that you can be certain they’ll be in top shape when they return to school.

This is also a good time to get the sports physical taken care of, if your child participates in school sports. If you begin the process early you’ll easily be able to determine if your child has any health concerns that need to be addressed to help them succeed, like poor vision.

Begin establishing a routine

Ah, the dreaded routine. Your kids probably won’t be too thrilled if you try to ease them into their school routines while summer is underway, but it’s worth the battle. This is especially true as kids get older and sleep in later during vacations. Establishing a healthy routine sets your child up for success throughout the school year, after all.

A week or two before school starts begin adjusting bedtimes and waking times so that it’s easier for them to wake up in time for school. Practice waking up and getting ready for school. Begin choosing outfits for the next day the night before, if that will be part of their routine. If you have the time you can even practice leaving the house to go on a walk or to the store. Adjusting slowly, one step at a time, will be far easier than switching up their sleep and morning routines all at once!

Review street smarts

If your child will be walking or biking to school, alone or with a parent, it’s worth reviewing some basic street smarts and safety tips. Review pedestrian safety by teaching them the importance of stopping, looking, and listening at intersections. If your children will be biking, start by biking with them along their standard route, and review bicycle safety. Discuss stranger safety. And make sure they know what to do if they ever feel unsafe for any reason.

Healthy back to school shopping

It’s a given that you’ll be stocking up on notebooks, pens and pencils, markers, backpacks, and other important school supplies. Be sure to focus on healthy living supplies, too. Purchase a lunch box that will allow you (or your child) to pack a healthy lunch full of whole foods, and stock up on ice packs, Tupperware, and anything else you’ll need for lunches and snacks. You can even begin loading up on certain food and snack items that won’t spoil quickly.

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