Yoga Poses for the Office



There are plenty of office-friendly yoga poses you can do throughout the day

When you want to fit yoga into your busy day and can’t find the time for a trip to the studio, try incorporating some simple poses into your workday. If you can squeeze some moves in between meetings and emails you’ll be able to take a quick break from the external busyness of your day to recharge your mind and find increased energy. Popping into downward dog might not be office appropriate, but there are a number of yoga poses you can modify to do at your desk.

Prepare your body and mind for yoga at the office

Before you begin your next round of office yoga make sure that you spend a few moments preparing your body and mind. Your mini yoga breaks can be a physical and mental retreat if you allow them to be. If you’re sitting, sit up tall in your chair with your feet flat on the floor. For standing poses keep those feet firmly planted on the ground and stand up straight and tall. Bonus points if you’re able to take your shoes off and wiggle your toes around. No matter which pose you’re doing, remember to keep your core tight and engaged.

Try these desk-friendly yoga poses – do a few or do them all

  • Neck Rolls: Start by warming up your neck. Drop your chin to your chest and then bring your right ear to your right shoulder, then your left ear to your left shoulder, and finally your chin back to your chest. Do 3-5 rolls in each direction.
  • Seated Forward Fold: Just like a standing forward fold, but at your desk! Push your chair away from your desk and interlace your fingers together behind your back. Straighten your arms and pull your hands down and then bend forward from your waist. If you can, bring your hands up over your head and let your chest lay on your thighs.
  • Seated Spinal Twist: This one should feel great! Sit up straight and twist toward the back of your chair, holding the armrests or the seat. Repeat on the other side. · Seated Backbend: Similar to camel pose, but you won’t need to leave your desk. Place your hands on your chair or on your lower back for added support and lean back. You’ll want to feel your spine lifting up to create more length in your lower back, while simultaneously drawing your shoulder blades away from your neck
If you want more of a yoga workout, stand up and move around If you want to kick things up a notch, take a look at Yoga Journal’s Office Yoga Series. They’ve included more standing poses that should elevate your heart rate and allow you to take a break from sitting at your desk. Seated yoga poses are an excellent way to break up your day, but they won’t really give you a mini-workout.