Quick and Healthy Breakfasts



Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Back to school time is hectic, especially those mornings! And we all know that a healthy breakfast is an important building block to a productive and successful day, but sometimes that Poptart is just so much easier than those eggs.


How about something in between? Healthy breakfast options like muffins are full of veggies and fruits, and healthy whole-grain and fruit-filled pancakes can be made on the weekend (fun family activity!) and freeze beautifully for a transportable morning meal.


With a little more time, topping toast or tortillas with a variety of options – perhaps avocado, tomato and cilantro or almond butter and berries – is a quick and easy way to get the start that every kid and parent needs!


Whether you’d like to venture into the breakfast pizza realm, or try a new twist on some egg classics, our Breakfast Pinterest board will keep you inspired and satisfied!


What’s your favorite quick and healthy breakfast trick? Do you like to soak your oatmeal overnight? Lay out those cereal boxes the night before? Tell us how you get your family going in the comments!


Happy New School Year!