Flu Season is Upon Us! Tips and insights for prevention.



Common Flu Myths

While it’s common to hear someone say they have the flu for mild symptoms and illnesses, true influenza is a difficult and dangerous disease. It has been known to be fatal, especially for the very young and very old.


Prevention is the best medicine! To try and avoid getting the flu in the first place, try these tips:


  • Wash your hands! Up to 8 times a day, for 20 seconds a washing. (Get a favorite lotion during the winter, to keep your hands from chapping).
  • Use sanitizer
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Eat Well – balanced nutrition improves your immune system!
  • Sleep Well – at least 8 hours!
  • Move Well – Staying active both boosts your immune system and helps you recover quickly!
  • Smile – it’s true! It helps your immune system!


Flu vaccine myths – BUSTED:


Myth 1:

I got the flu from the shot!


The flu shot cannot give people the flu. The virus in the shots are inactivated, they cannot pass on the infection.


Myth 2:

I should wait to get vaccinated for a while.


It takes up to two weeks for your body to develop the antibodies, so get the shot early to optimize your coverage


Myth 3:

The flu shot doesn’t prevent the flu.


The flu shot protects from the four most common strains of the flu. You are about 60% less likely to get the flu if you get the shot. It’s not fool-proof (nothing in this life is!) but it’s definitely effective.


Myth 4:

Getting the disease is better than the vaccine.


True influenza can be dangerous for the young, the old, the weak, and the autoimmune. It’s a very difficult respiratory disease that can also lead to extremely serious diseases like pneumonia. It also can make chronic conditions worse, like asthma or heart disease. It is not to be trifled with.


Take care of yourself and your family! Use common sense, sanitation, healthy living, and vaccines to stay healthy and well through this season.


Stay well.