Healthy Game Day Snacks



March Madness Snacks!

It’s that time of year again! March Madness is upon us, and we are ready to cheer on our favorite teams through this epic basketball tournament.
What goes better with intense and exciting basketball than your favorite snacks? This sounds like great news for your taste buds, but less great for the imminent season of shorts and swimming suits that is summer.
The good news that there are healthy and awesome options for March Madness game day snacking!


Sweet and Simple

Get a variety of oranges and clementines of different sizes and draw lines to represent basketballs on them. Have a giant bowl in the middle of the snacks.


Delicious Zucchini Fries

You won’t even miss the potato with these easy and delicious fry options. Just as game-friendly as traditional fries, if not more so, but much healthier!


Sweet Potato Skins

They’re the perfect color for the basketball, just as easy and delicious as their russet counterpart, and much better for the whole team. Paired with cheese and some guacamole, they’re guaranteed to be a hit!


Wings Without the Weight

We know, the game practically requires wings. Try this recipe for wings that are crispy and tasty and not nearly as bad for you as those takeout options you’re so tempted by.


Spicy Popcorn

Popcorn is a key aspect of sports watching. Instead of the microwave variety, add some zing will lowering fat and chemical content, with this spicy-cheesy alternative.
Enjoy the excitement of this once a year epic battle! May the best team win!
Let us know your favorite healthy game day snacks below, we’d love to try them out!