Traveling and Health Insurance Benefits



Coverage that Travels with You

Have a strong case of Wanderlust, but worried that your passion for adventure might land you in a far off Emergency Room with no RMHP coverage?


Worry not!


While we love Colorado, we also know the world is out there for exploring, and our health insurance coverage travels with you.


We have a nation-wide provider network to help keep you covered for urgent or emergent care while you travel. For many of our Members, if you have a routine concern while you’re exploring, or need to find a pharmacy that will accept RMHP, you can just check out our provider directory for the nearest in-network facility nearby!


RMHP health insurance coverage for emergencies and urgent care will follow you wherever in the world your travels take you! The claims process is often different, so be sure to give us a call before your next trip so you know what to expect if illness or injury should arise.
Be sure to call us at 970-244-7760 before traveling, to double check your coverage. It’s an important step in trip-planning!


The world is your oyster! And with RMHP coverage, you don’t need to worry about getting the help you need from your health insurance for a sudden illness or injury while out traveling.


Happy trails!