Fun Family Recipes For Summertime



Summer Time Recipes!

It’s summertime! And supper time! Sometimes the feeding frenzy of hungry kids can be overwhelming, especially during the long summer days.


From mornings of bleary-eyed breakfasts to evenings when it’s so hot that turning on the oven seems to be the last thing on earth you want to do, summer provides lots of challenges – and delicious opportunities – for fun family recipes.


The produce is abundant in stores now, fresh and in season. Now is a great time to try something a little new or different, with tasty and healthy twists. Wondering what’s in season now? There are handy calendars on the internet. 


In addition to keeping you informed about in-season produce, the joy of Pinterest brings innumerable inspiring summer recipes to make meals happen without making parents crazy.


Check out our Family Health and Nutrition board for veggie rainbows, sandwiches that grin back, and kid-approved smoothies, just to name a few.


Or, if you’re looking for something that will appeal to the taste buds of multiple generations, try our snack board for homemade pickles, tasty dips, and portable snacks for those afternoon errands.


What’s your family’s favorite summer recipe? Are you grill connoisseurs? Fans of a summer salad recipe from your own garden? Let us know (and link to your favorite recipes!).