Battling the Sitting Epidemic



The Sitting Epidemic!

Are you one of the 86% of Americans that sit all day at work?


Have you ever wondered how much you sit or are sedentary each day? It’s probably more than you think! For the average American, it’s actually 21 hours each day.


Fast Company has put together an infographic showing the daily activity of a typical American and how sitting can have a negative effect on both your mind and body.


Worried? It’s concerning, but you have options! Besides standing much more often at work or while watching the World Cup, the recommendation at the bottom of this infographic, here are additional ideas to help get you moving throughout the day! The suggestions are useful and easy, such as using your TV time to sneak some activity in, or taking your bus a stop or two extra to get some extra blocks of walking.


What do you do to get moving and help fight the sitting epidemic? Tell us below!


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