Drink Up Tips for Staying Hydrated and Healthy



Did you know that every single cell in your body needs water to function correctly? It’s true!

Water is used to keep our body temperature steady, to clean out our wastes, and to lubricate those joints (every click of the mouse or step on the treadmill requires water!). It’s vital.   It’s also very easy to lose.

Not only do we obviously lose water when we go to the bathroom, but we also lose water when we sweat and even when we breathe. If you exercise, are outside in the heat, have a fever, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have certain medical conditions, you lose even more water and need to be careful! To keep our bodies working well, we have to replace the water we lose.

Signs you might not be replacing your water sufficiently (you’re becoming dehydrated) include:
  • A dry mouth
  • Sleepiness
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Dark urine – it should be the color of lemonade or lighter
If you are dehydrated, don’t worry, but get hydrating! The best option for rehydrating is sipping on regular water. Try to drink a glass an hour until you are feeling better, and then aim for 6-8 cups of water every day.  Looking to stay hydrated but not a fan of plain water?

We know, coffee or soda can seem so much more delicious, but the caffeine actually can dehydrate you! Try to mix up your water options, and stick with it! Even if you replace one soda with one cup of water in the day, you’re doing wonderful things for your body. Try some of these tips for staying hydrated:
  • Flavor your water! Lemon slices, fruit slices, even cucumber can make plain water taste luxurious.
  • Drink a cup of water immediately upon waking up.
  • Get a water bottle or glass that you really like and keep it full!
  • Drink a cup of water before eating. Hunger pangs and thirst pangs often feel the same. Bonus: it will help you lose weight or keep a healthy weight!
  • Try sparkling waters (without added sugars!)
  • Eat fruits and veggies with a lot of water, like melons and tomatoes.
  • Milk and non-caffeinated teas can also keep you hydrated!
  • Soup is a great meal to get some extra water with, just aim for low-sodium versions.
There are so many options for making sure your body gets the water it needs and keeps on running smoothly. Mix them up, pick your favorites, and give your body the water it needs to stay hydrated!