What Makes up Colorado's Healthiest People?



Inspiring Colorado Health Stories

We had a contest recently asking Coloradans just like you why they were the state’s healthiest person. The answers inspired us to do even more to protect and improve our own health!


More than anything, they highlight how even the healthiest of us make the choice every day, every meal, every workout to believe that our health is a priority.


There are so many ways to be healthy. Share in some of your fellow Coloradan’s inspiration, and tell us how you help yourself make good choices in a real-life way!


Joanna tells us of her quest to become healthier: “I don’t know that I am Colorado’s HEALTHIEST person, but I am working hard to become a HEALTHIER person every day. I have been overweight most of my life, and have had problems with PCOS and high blood pressure for many years now. In January my doctor diagnosed me with diabetes. Hearing that was scary, and I decided it was finally time to do something about my health. I began using a food tracker/fitness app, and exercising regularly. Since January, I have lost 61 pounds. When I went back for another blood test in April, my A1C dropped considerably, as did my cholesterol. My blood pressure is normal, and I have no more issues with my PCOS. My friend and I have begun doing 5Ks, and are signed up for a 10K next month. I feel better, I look better (I only have one chin now!) and instead of dreading the doctor, I can’t wait to go back and see what my numbers have done at my next check-up! I will probably never be the healthiest person in Colorado, but I look forward to being the healthiest ME I’ve been in a very long time!


Amanda reminds us that healthy choices are always available: “I have been eating less red meat, more water, fruits, and veggies, working out for an hour in the morning, and will walk at least 2 miles twice a week. I have two small boys and climb all over the play ground with them. Once I wake up at 630 am I am non stop till 9 pm. :)”


Steven defies limits: “I have MS but I go to gym 5 days a week go to Red Rocks and workout and hike. Beating the odds!”


Joel reminds us that food is an important part of being healthy: “I’m a poultry butcher at Whole Foods Frisco. I provide great food and cooking tips to the healthiest people in the Mountains. I’ve added 15 pounds of muscle in the last 4 months since moving to Colorado from Missouri. I love old school bodybuilding and eating healthy!”


What is YOUR healthy person story?