Barre Workout Basics



The Barre Workout

You may be hearing a lot about the “barre” workout routine. Due to its quick results, powerful mind-body connection, and intense core strengthening techniques, the barre workout is quickly gaining popularity in Colorado and around the country…and it’s not just for ballerinas.

Barre is a total body workout. In a one hour class, you can expect to work both isometrically (squeezing and holding a muscle) and using tiny muscle-contracting movements to target and exhaust a muscle group. The combination of both techniques sculpts arms, tones thighs, lifts your seat, flattens abdominals and strengthens your body, head to toe. Some classes use hand weights and resistance bands to add extra resistance to the training, but most of your hard work (and success!) on the barre uses your own resistance to tone muscles and burn calories.


Mind-body connection is also an essential part of any barre workout routine. It allows you to completely focus on your own technique and perfect your skills with practice. Many students even close their eyes when training, in order to achieve and maintain proper technique!


Who is this workout good for? Everyone! Women, men, young, old…you name it! One of our fans on Facebook gave us his perspective on barre and ballet: “I owe 80% of my success in mixed martial arts to ballet and barre training, due to the coordination, balance, flexibility and confidence it provides.”


If you’re new to barre, your first class will likely be challenging, but stick with it! Keep in mind, every expert was a beginner at some point! Any good barre instructor will help you ease into the routine and movements (without singling you out in class). For students who are pregnant, or those with past or healing injuries, instructors will be happy to provide modification techniques for certain moves, so you still reap the benefit without overstraining.


A quick Google search for “barre classes” in your area should help you find a class that works with your schedule. You can also check the following websites for class times and locations in your area:



For more inspiration on barre workouts, routines, and technique, visit our Barre + Pilates board on Pinterest. See you at the barre!