Taxes are over! Time to Unwind With These Stress Relief Tips!



Decompress & Reorient

Taxes are filed and over – whew! A whole year before having to sift through the pay stubs and receipts and make sure you counted all your kids. You deserve a chance to decompress and reorient!


There are extremely indulgent ways to de-stress, of course, and we fully support the health benefits of a month-long cruise through the Caribbean (take us with you?), but there are several small stress relief tips that will help you relax and rejuvenate without breaking the bank.


Listen to Your Favorite Music

Whether it’s soothing Vivaldi, or rocking out to The Doors or secretly loving Miley Cyrus (your secret is safe), crank up your favorite tunes. Dance and sing along if you like, get the whole family involved, or slip on a pair of earphones, brew a good cup of tea, and block out the world for a bit. Both types of listening have been shown to have fantastic effects on your stress levels, and give you a bit of an escape.


Step Outside!

Just getting out of the house has an instant de-stress effect, did you know that? Socrates would often take walks to clear his head and find inspiration. Nature has a soothing effect, even it’s just your neighbor’s landscaping and not a mountain meadow. Although, with a little extra time, the de-stressing effects of getting entirely out of town magnify the small benefit of the neighborhood walk.

Bring along your favorite people or pet. I bet they missed you during tax season!


Watch What You Eat

We know, it’s tempting to indulge in that delicious cupcake at the height of your stress. To de-stress, take good care of your body and feed it with nutrients that will help it feel fantastic. Don’t forget the dark chocolate! It’s been shown to boost moods and help with stress, just don’t overdo it.


Turn Off Your Devices

That includes your phone, your television, your computer, your tablet. Start with turning them all off for half an hour, then an hour. Have time in your house that is designated as electronics-free. Trust us, while it might seem hard at first, the disconnect will be one of the most effective de-stressers you try.



Something has to be great about this practice, when so many of the world’s most successful people engage in it. Wondering if it’s for you, or how to start? Check out our post that explains it all.


Take Time for just YOU

It’s so easy to get caught up in life and the needs of others (spouse, kids, boss, parents, you name it). But in order to take good care of them, you need to take good care of you. Be willing to indulge in something that makes you feel great, from a hot bath to a massage, your favorite meal or movie, or perhaps a few quiet minutes with a book so beloved it feels like an old friend. Whatever your pleasure, take the time for it.


What are YOUR favorite ways to de-stress after a tax-job well done? Tell us below!